And cabbage a very underestimated veg

THis sounds very appealing and cathartic in the making process also….

trees mother trees and the root systems of communication

How important are tree’s
How much damage do we do to our world by abusing them?

This is a fascinating TEDTALK and makes absolute sense to me

I don’t know about the SOUL TREE in AVATAR but remember the trees in TOLKIENS – LORD OF THE RINGS
When the elm disease destroyed elms in UK many years ago it had devastating effects on the forests, flora and fauna.

The elders knew more than a thing or two about living in harmony and balance with nature.

are we failing children?

My sister shared this Tedtalk with me today
Are we really doing this to chldren
Teaching girls to be risk averse? And boys to take risks and keep diving in head first?
Or is this USA and its way of treating children with stereotypes?

We Must Raise Girls To Be Brave, Not Perfect

We need to make it safe for girls to fail.Watch the full TED Talk here:

Posted by TED on Friday, June 1, 2018

I made a conscious effort with my children to treat them as chidren
Enquiring, inquisitive and excited by everything around them
I was always conscious of other families where girls had girlie stuff and boys had boys stuff
When my daughter was at playgroup She wanted to play with guns
The staff didn’t allow her so she made something in woodwork which made up for her lack of the ‘real thing’!
Where did she get the idea I have no idea because it wasn’t from tv or video games.TV was not a staple in my household and home.Lots of outdoors playtime,walking and plenty of it.
My mother would admonish me for the mess the tow of them would get into and how much laundry I did. I wanted them to rough and tumble and get dirty; they wash and so do their clothes!

Surely we should be encouraging children to be their best selves so that they succeed in what ever they try out if not the first time then keep at it or try something new and different.
The space we give our children helps them explore and builds their self belief and curiosity and guides them in making a contribution to our wolrd
Why the stereotype and is it true or just another urban myth?


Where the sky is dark at night
Where you can walk at the beach alone at night safely
You can still visit raw bare beaches
Mountains that change colour with the light and sun
Jebel jais
The camel race track
History everywhere

Beautiful RAK

growing organic in UAE

Not only these two as mentioned but also a farm over in ADHEN RAK and yes locals are the innitiators
Tomatoes and cucumbers being the first crops

Change is everywhere


Excuse the language but in some instances there is no polite way to express it other than using the street vocabulary

Have just finished reading ROBERT SUTTON – THE No ASSHOLE Rule
Building a Civilised Workplace and Surviving One that Isn’t

AND logged into his web site []which is very interesting. Some of the anecdotes produce a smile and a wince at memories of occasions over the working and social years of life’s experience and the rich tapestry we weave!
I can recognise many EI challenged examples here and also observed in friends and self.
Too often people sign up to a ‘self fulfilling prophecy’ and can’t see that the solutions are all in their own hands nobody else’s.
It is so important to understand your own behaviours and how you can manage or adapt them in order to be successful
USA Trump President of the moment is a great example [sadly] of the ASS HOLE phenomenon in full rampage mode.
Media feeds it and he exploits them to the full
Michelle WOLF pointed this out in her recent address at the correspondents dinner 2018
EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE is critical and colluding with these ‘pieces of work’ doesn’t resolve anything
He is recruitming more like him or ‘yes’ people in order to steam roller over everyone
He need’s to be called out and shown that his behaviour although 70 years of reinforcement will not be tolerated.
If not in USA then certainly the world has to stand up to him
And maybe that is NORTH KOREA as their leaders knows a thing or tow about being a certified ASSHOLE himself

There are very few ASSHOLES like Steve Jobs and that is probably a good thing but he was ruthless and likeable
TRUMP most certainly is not – he is conniving whinging and underhanded
Very different

Personality clashes are something I have never really believed in seeing it more as behaviours and what do I do or you do that illicit’s the negative rather than positive responses!

FACING UP can be dangerous but sometimes that’s what you need to do stand your ground or kneel depending where you are in mortal combat
Avenatti is certainly someone who understands the ‘ART OF WAR’ and uses the tactics strategically and without reserve.

ASSHOLES ARE RAMPANT, OUT OF CONTROL AND DANGEROUS they need to be contained to betterment of all of us

Will revisit this over nxt few weeks as writing on course related to CONFLICT MANAGEMENT so very timely