Recruitment – There are too many people in the market that think it is all about placement and not about selection. There are also those that recruit based on personality not on behaviour’s and pay much too much attention to ”Halo’s  & Horns” effect to the detriment of all

Effective recruitment is about playing to an applicants preferred behaviour’s and pushing them to circumstances where they are operating in their worst nightmare  their least preferred behaviour’s is good for no  one. Employee, Employer or external customer and of course stakeholders.

”Strengths-based recruitment is productive and satisfying for an individual as they perform in a role that does matches their behaviour, work aptitude and the environment in which they work.”

Before recruitment it is well to focus on career choice and path as this is where decisions are most critical.

We all know that it’s important to find the right career. The right career enhances a person’s life. It is personally fulfilling because it nourishes the most important aspects of their personality. It suits the way they like to do things and reflects who they are. It lets them use their innate strengths in ways that come naturally to them.

PRISM Career Match provides an analysis of each student’s preferred behaviour’s allowing them to capitalise on those they are most comfortable using.

Too often there is interference in the individual or job seekers decision making

Parents, peer group, location, trends, country, culture, teachers and family traditions.

Having made career choices it is much easier to follow a path that will lead you to a successful and satisfying career and that’s where TALENT FINDER is invaluable Using all your competencies abilities and attitudes to bench amrk againgst your star performers

How can it not work and make best use of all your resources

PRISM Talent Finder is an easy-to-use online system that automatically analyses and benchmarks star performers within each role in an organisation. By using this process, via the organisation’s own dashboard, recruiters can create accurate job benchmarks of those characteristics that have a proven track record of achieving top performance in each role. The system can then instantly pre-screen large numbers of candidates to identify those who most closely match the characteristics of the star performers without any manual intervention from recruiters.

Anyone can hold a title but can they deliver and can they do it day in and day out past the honeymoon period

The major advantage pf PRISM Brain Mapping is that it is Neurosciences and also Behavioural something that other systems are not Leaving less vulnerable to manipulation and faking!

Recruitment is an art form requiring analysis, detail focus, co ordination and delivery otherwise there are no results for anyone

INVEST in your methodology wisely it makes good economic sense and means your ethics and morals are not compromised