Wow where to start

Vibrant green and humidity…

And its around midnight coming from the airport! Still have an hours plus drive to Fort Kochi from the airport. Paid for a taxi inside the airport for fixed price. Waited go in and for the driver from hell! Erratic driving in the middle of the road and falshinh his lights at all and sundry whatever the vehicle size. And believe me we were one of the smallest around. Overtaking into oncoming traffic on two way bridges. AlhamdilAllah arrived safe and sound.

Had kept Markose up to speed with ETA, landing, through immigration and in taxi. He waited up and even made me milky tea just before 02.00 Kerala time!

Ballard Bungalow’s a 300+ year old Dutch style house he is systematically upgrading mainly bed and breakfast(which is excellent

Bed fab and very comfortable

Within walking distance of the port, the fish sellers and the huge Chinese nets. Many galleries ,coffee shops and colour and vibrant life every where.

Off to the henna ceremony this evening and Nikkah bukra InshAllah. Back to UAE Monday

Fab relaxed and chilled and great street food as well