You are my daughter

An extension of myself

But entirely unique with your complexities of self-belief and the desire to tackle injustice all by yourself

You are also a daughter, sister, granddaughter friend, colleague and acquaintance

You are a wife

A homemaker, cook, creator of joy

You are my daughter and an extension of myself

Determined, resolute and opinionated

Fresh with victories of mind and body ever testing yourself to go that bit further do that bit more

Adaptable, inventive and resourceful

If it doesn’t work try something else and keep exploring until you get the result that suits

Sailing, climbing, canoeing, swimming, cycling, cross training and more

Painting, brick work, sanding floors, staining chairs, gardening all be it with pots so far

You are my daughter an extension of myself

You are yourself and what a joy

Alexandra darling daughter one and only

Nicola Jane Ablett

First time Mother 29.12.1990

09th February 2019