As a child I had eczema but grew out of it around teen years which in reflection seems odd having just read the following article.
Additionally I then developed roscea about 18 years ago

My skin seemed to react to certain strange things such as mint and also the broad bean family. And i do still need to be careful but will start testing this out!

I have just connected the dots and realised the roscea came on around the time of my divorce! I left him for no one but endured tremendous challenges in regards to taking care of my children. As friend who was a very capable tarot card readers said’He will never stop harassing you through the children until they have completely left home. And this was indeed the case until both had finished University. Eldest child is now married and leading her own life and son is settled and in a steady relationship. I am independent and thriving and the roscea is apparently improving around now for several reasons a good life style, reduced stress and more security and comfortable as myself.

The links between trauma, diet, self esteem and the environment plays much more of a role than we even begin to consider.

Never to old to learn a thing or two about ourselves………