As women we experience a very different journey to men although having said that men also experience sexual harrassment.

it is not only the glass ceiling and the sexual predators it is also many other ‘isms:



body shaming





The list is sadly endless and as a ”www” [white western woman] I have experienced most of it in two very different cultures plus the challenge of addressing sexual harassment in a workplace which I approached as ”professional behaviour at work”.

When this situation arose i was asked to speak to all staff about sexual harassment. My response was that of no – we would break the groups down into 3, approximately 100 males and about 40 women a complete mixture of nationalities and three employers all working for the same project. Little did I know what a can of worms this would unleash, my door was almost revolving, with the numbers of male and female colleagues coming for counsel, support and strategies to cope with the onslaught of unprofessional behaviour they were experiencing.

All of these came into the open because of one western male harassing a female non-western colleague with texts and images nonstop throughout the night. This raised the spectre of how many of the western men in position’s of leadership were abusing young males on site. All of these memories archived were triggered from the link about the film above and observations throughout my career, plus the abuse misogynistic men bosses are meting out to employees in this current pandemic. Writing about this is all related to treating all colleagues respectfully regardless of gender and never using power to subjugate others, everyone contributes something and should be treated with respect.

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