People often ask when is a good time to leave my job? How can anyone else answer that for you really? And now whilst working remotely is perhaps a good time to reflect and break down what keeps you where you are and why for so long?

There are several questions that need to be asked practically and also emotionally before you can make any decisions in order to move forward or even decide to stay where you are. Remember changing from a job to a career and even vice versa is a destination with a journey it requires strategic and critical thinking and also processes.

Maybe you should do a TOWS analysis or matrix to help you understand your situation so that you are able to make an informed and strategic decision objective rather than subjective data?What is the TOWS Matrix? And how it is used? - Trade Brains

Once you have done your TWOS you will be in a better place as to what where, why, when and how to progress or remain where you are although this is unlikely.

This current situation is a huge opportunity to think about where we are and where we want to be and rewrite our narrative.