Utter Disorientation

No word can better describe what we, homo-sapiens, have been going through in the past few months than the term ‘Disorientation’!

Economists and historians were quick to label the impact of the Corona Pandemic as another ‘Great recession’.

Strategists, on the other hand, have opted to use the term ‘Disruption’ to describe the wide-spread havoc it brought along – jeopardizing almost all trade and transportation systems in just one ‘soft blow’!

To me, the impact of Covid-19 on our intellect, health, business, and mere living has greatly ‘disorientated’ the masses and their governments. No other catastrophe in recent history has managed to dim our wit lights so suddenly and so extensively!

Every nation; large or small; developed or developing; rich or poor, is hit so hard that future perspectives have become both murky and myopic.

Even two months after the first deaths were reported, a state of terror, phobia, and disbelief seem to have taken citizens and leaders alike ‘by the neck’! Gut reactions have been sharply swinging between local, chauvinistic actions, and apparent lack of international cooperation to find a vaccine or cure for the lethally spreading virus.

Even within bodies as closely knit as the EU, discord and resentment are precluding sincere attempts to fight the epidemic collaboratively. The obvious lack of resolve on the part of many key global players has helped, and in a very short while, to turn the ‘epidemic’ into a highly volatile ‘pandemic’, mocking our inherent wisdom, and shattering our resilience to withstand medical adversity.

One thing is certain: the world will never be the same again!

The ancient adage of (United We Stand), has become as dubious as the question whether the mean virus is a man-made artifact, or the work of nature? Is Wuhan the culprit source or the innocent victim of some ‘bio-tech-mical’ warfare genie that simply appeared when Aladdin rubbed his magic lamp – by mistake!

For a calamity as devastating as the Corona virus, only a passionate, concerted, and well-coordinated international effort may eventually succeed in containing its spread and dire ramifications on humanity per se.

Written by: Ahmedelbdawi Mustafa Eltinay

Khartoum, Sudan

Tuesday May 5th, 2020