And HH Sheik Mohamed Bin Rashid could not be more right

Nothing is the same

And will the ignorant people dispose of their gloves in a smart way thinking of others health and the environment.

We must adapt and be agile going forwards.

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, Vice President of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, has called for a government restructure as part of plans to prepare the country for a post-coronavirus future.

On Wednesday, after the conclusion of a three-day government meeting to develop a post-virus strategy, Sheikh Mohammed said the structure and size of the government must be reviewed.

“We may merge ministries … and change bodies,” he said on Twitter.


Sheikh Mohammed says national priorities must be reviewed as Covid-19 meeting gets under way

UAE Cabinet plans for country’s post-coronavirus future

Sheikh Mohammed said the government must be more “agile, flexible and speedy” to keep pace with new national priorities.

“Anyone who thinks that the world after Covid-19 will be the same as the one before it is mistaken,” he said.

On Monday, Sheikh Mohammed opened the online meeting by addressing the need to protect public health, the economy and the UAE’s way of life.

He called on officials to unite into an “Emirates team” that would ensure the country made the fastest recovery from a crisis gripping the globe.

The meeting brought together ministers, secretaries general of executive councils and officials from more than 100 federal government and local authorities, and international experts.

Anyone who thinks that the world is after Covid-19 will be the same as the one before it, is mistaken

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid

“Today our goal is not only to protect people’s health; rather, our goal is to protect the economy, protect the gains and protect a decent life,” Sheikh Mohammed said on Monday, the first day of the meeting.

“My confidence in you is great. The main task today is for us to advance the Emirates faster than any country in the world.

“Today we have the federal government team, the local government teams, and I would like to call you all the Emirates team.

“The goal is to draw up a plan for the UAE after the Covid-19 virus crisis, a plan that will ensure that we are the fastest country in recovery.”

The six main areas of focus for the meeting were health, education, the economy, food security, society and government.

Ministers and officials have been discussing and taking part in interactive sessions.

The aim is to produce business plans, policies and means to ensure the short, medium and long-term development of the UAE’s government work, and enable the country to tackle economic and social challenges.

Updated: May 14, 2020 08:00 AM