Over the years I have had maybe three careers and now I would describe myself as someone who is enterprising and an entrepreneur with a specific interest in pulling together all my experience and putting it to best use to support people of all ages and backgrounds to find their passion and to be able to thrive.

When is a good age to make any change in direction be it within the business, academic or maybe the vocational field of work? Many talks about a midlife crisis especially for males, however, it can be argued it is a crisis of the sense of self and what am I doing with my life rather than that of a midlife crisis! When we make decisions especially at age 16, whether this is education, entering the military and perhaps marriage we undergo many influences from family, extended family, community and peer group. We are directly impacted by others expectations and sometimes push our own ideas and passions to one side. When Khalifa University in Abu Dhabi opened its doors for engineering degreeā€™s there was a huge rush for places as it was seen as so prestigious and the entire focus was engineering. How many of those that applied were suitable in the first instance and how many were swept along by external rather than internal influences? And then how may stay the first year or full program?

We have talked before about preferred behaviours, aptitudes and core trait,s and today I wish to focus more on aptitudes, as one thing that has been demonstrated very clearly with the advent of COVID19 is that the work arena will need to adapt as demonstrated with our whole approach to schooling and post-schooling education. People working in traditional vocational trades are at a premium their work may be precarious at times but it is always needed. eg carpenters, plumbers, glaziers, painters and decorators, gardeners, car mechanics and electricians and more (A small note on electricians their work can have health implications due to the work with electricity)


Many years ago in Australia, there was a move away from the corporate world to trades as you could be your own boss and manage your workflow and job pricing within reason as you like. Women can also take up these roles very successfully and they do in many parts of the world with huge success as minorities, vulnerable people and women often prefer to have a woman in their home than a man. Another advantage of being a tradesperson and an entrepreneur you can spend more time around your family and participating in family life which gives children whose parents work in the city more quality time and event he benefits of seeing role models they can aspire to.


PRISM Brain Mapping will identify your prefered behaviours, aptitudes and core traits, and identify the work environment you will flourish in. Additionally, career development opportunities whether that is academic or professional.

You can not change your personality but you can adapt your behaviours without compromising yourself.