Hawkamah invites you to participate in a fully external research project which is not affiliated to Hawkamah.

The research project is led by DPhil Candidate Lorna Christine Akello from the Australian National University’s Centre for Arab and Islamic Studies which is part of the College of Arts and Social Sciences.

This research focuses on operations at the board level.  It explores the proposition that the ‘pipeline’ that feeds women to board positions and certain board attributes and dynamics have an influence on women’s contribution to boards. It seeks to understand the key determinants of women’s contribution to board roles and the drivers of these determinants within the context of the of boardroom operations and dynamics.  The study is being conducted in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and will involve both semi structured interviews and a questionnaire.

You are being invited to participate because you have served or are currently serving on either a public or private sector board, family business board, or aspiring to join a board in the UAE.

Both female and male participants can access the Survey by clicking on the link below: