It’s deadly to fall in love with your own voice, but the higher you go, the more you need to talk effectively.

Brevity with clarity is gold in a frenetic world.

presence is going with even when challenging ideas

The top 10 rules for talking like a leader:

The only reason to open your mouth is to make something better. (If you only remember one rule, make it this one.)
Be brief. The longer you talk, the less effective you become. The Gettysburg address was 272 words.
Be brief and ask, “What else would you like to know?”
Stay present with others. Presence is “going with” even when challenging ideas. You aren’t present when pushing your own agenda at the expense of others.
Ask people what they need to know, before telling them what they need to know.
Stay on topic. Chasing rabbits is for dogs.
Explain yourself. Don’t give people the benefit of your conclusions without explaining how you found them.
Include purpose when giving direction. Busyness is a fog that obscures the big picture.
Tell stories. (Remember rule #2.)
Stay calm if you expect to connect. Strong emotion intimidates

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