Ohh no not leadership again….
Being a ‘’mindful’’ leader in today’s fast paced, ever changing “always full on tech savvy” corporate world is increasingly important and awareness is rising to this very fact. Mindfulness adds value and the prospect of healthy survival to our leaders. Also that both genders bring that little something else to the table
In this the year of INNOVATION in UAE it is timely and wise to think and be mindful and consider the reality of the millenials and the intergenerational workforce.
TO an exceptional leader and innovative we need only look to Sheik Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum where he clearly states in his book ‘’FLASHES of THOUGHT’’;
‘’We want to change the concept of leadership so that it includes anyone who has the ambitions and the will to change themselves, and also to benefit society.’’
He also states and I quote ‘’I have said it loud and clear. Beware, men, lest women deprive you of all the leadership positions in the country.’’
Gender Differences

‘’Women In Leadership – Improve corporate performance. With women making up almost half of the workforce, it is clear that they can help impact their organisations’ performance. Whether men and women are equal is a political and moral question, but whether they are intellectually identical is a scientific one. Advances in neuroscience can help both genders to better understand and deal with these challenges and assumptions.
And this couldn’t be more true in UAE and the GCC where women are the high achiever’s making up to at least 60% of University graduates with high GPA’s

‘’Why WOMEN Mean Business – Understanding the emergence of our next economic revolution’’ Avivah Wittenberg-Cox & Alison Maitland – in the Chapter – Culture counts, what countries can do; there is a direct positive correlation to fertility and high female employment and no-where better represented than in Norway.

Major organisation’s like GE which I mention specifically due there attention and awareness of millenial’s in the region and are increasingly leveraging powerful mindfulness training programs to help their leaders survive and thrive in today’s challenging business environments.
With the increased information overload and distractibility, research shows that leaders are propelled into loss of focus and mental clarity. Without focus and clarity, results will diminish. Mindfulness is about achieving results. And being insightful is an invaluable trait that can be enhanced with practice.
‘’PRISM NeuroLeadership – Leadership is an inevitable reflection of people’s needs and challenges in modern life. Leadership is therefore a profound concept, with increasingly complex implications, driven by an increasingly complex and fast-changing world.’’

The world of business will never achieve its full potential until it can genuinely value the contributions made by both genders. It is wise and indeed necessary to change and adapt attitudes. To achieve this end, it is essential that we use all the tools available to us in the 21st century. Understanding the links between our brain, behaviour and work performance, culture, intergenerational teams as well as stress, decision-making and wellness issues.’’

What do we want from our leaders today not much but critical are some of the following;
Integrity, respect, transparency, insight/self-awareness and to be honest.
We want our leaders to know that they like us need to have people around them who have the same ethics, beliefs and standards and know when to come forward and take a step back
To build their teams on strengths and preferred behaviours so that all can give of their best
We don’t need our leaders to be perfect but we need them to be intuitive and fresh.

We don’t want a lot really

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