Night that precious commodity is disappearing with another form of pollution

Night is disappearing

What is wrong with us that we do not treasure our surrounding ad value mother nature

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    1. Water our most precious commodity
      So taken for granted
      Only today I was reading about Iraq and their concern for water as Turkey is damming the Tigris
      CAPETOWN has current issues and was reduced to standpipes in the city!
      Israel has diverted huge water from Palestine and impacted Jordan
      Egypt is concerned about the NILE and Sudans plans
      So all in all some countries have to much and some are searching for it
      So whether it is a weed or a cultivated tomato 11 liters is crucial to survival
      Gas or petrol important but people will go to war over water resources sadly most likely in our lifetime
      We do not value water we take it for granted and it is life.
      Thnak you again for your inout

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