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How important is cultural awareness when we think of this topic?

Dress as in the clothes we all wear and how we wear them and depending on which country we are in at what time of day, season or year! Are a vital part of our interpersonal communication.

Having moved to RAK from AD after 20 years the dress shock is far less than say visiting Dubai! Where there is a more international and cosmopolitan atmosphere and a mega tourism destination. Swagger comes with the international star status, politicians and financiers that live in or visit the city

Dubai has intercity skills and body language of its own with the architecture old and new rising form the desert and living side by side

Should we include facial expressions with body language in my opinion no as they are a separate canvas on which we express ourselves and here we can get caught up with micro and macro facial expressions as well [http://www.amazon.co.uk/The-Micro-Expressions-Book-Business/dp/9081990519]

Back to body language and ‘posturing’
Think about the old cowboy films with the low slung gun belts and Stetson hats or more recently with the way the TRANSFORMERS are blending in as cars or trucks or being themselves posture by the very vehicles that they choose to represent themselves.
The original R and B, PUNK, hip hop, drum and base all about body language and the art of communication.
Body Posture can indicate pain, disappointment, lethargy. anger Flight or fight! Also energy, exhilaration, excitement and enthusiasm IF we are looking to see the signals and cues

How we dress here in UAE conveys masses of information about us when we step off the metro, cross the road, order a coffee and before we open our mouths

Many of us love to stereotype and generalise and lets face it ‘basic assumption theory” is meant to help us learn from experience and adapt our hidden bias or prejudice’s base on experience.
When we think of interpersonal skills what does this conjure up in the imaginations depending upon what generation you are and how diverse your social and cultural experiences happen to be They could mean different things to us all hence the need for common ground and mutual understanding.
What on earth for some of you might say I don’t need to know anything about the millennium generation I am a baby boomer and I have the seniority over these young whippersnappers!

Not so you just need to see some of the rising entrepreneurs and what age they are and you could find yourself working for them in which case you need to study the body codes

In PRISM BRAIN MAPPING we look to see if we can put ourselves in the other persons place to get an idea of how we may need to adjust our preferred behaviours in order to build the team or just get served in the cafĂ© or restaurant we are sitting at Or perhaps discover why he always gets a taxi but I don’t

”They” say that it takes muscles to smile and to frown but look at some of the faces and posture we see around us or is an urban myth

So which ones are responsible for smiling and/or frowning? I could hazard a guess, but I’ll defer to Dr. David Song, a plastic surgeon and Associate Professor at the University of Chicago Hospitals, who was interviewed for a Straight Dope article: Does it take fewer muscles to smile than it does to frown? Counting only the muscles that make significant contributions, he concludes that smiling takes one more muscle than frowning (12 vs. 11).

Body language communicates so much if we wish to see and pay attention just like listening it requires attention and often we miss the cues and miss opportunities or disasters
A little Emotional Intelligence will take you a long way and with an enhanced self belief and awareness you will reach your full potential whatever your age, background or experience

Aptitude and ambition with hard work self and social awareness the gates to your future

”Walk tall, walk straight and look the world right in the eye;; as famous Irish man used to sing.


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