rubbish trash garbage

Rubbish – Trash – Garbage

Whatever word you use for it whose responsibility is it? Ours yes that’s right ours and we need to step up!
I have been thinking a lot about rubbish and litterer’s recently and it really makes me wild.
When you think how superbly clean the METRO is and look into the fines that can be implemented for litter. How come people care so little? Why is it that instead of tackling the people themselves we take the route of employing hundreds of people to pick the litter we shamelessly leave everywhere ewe as humans pass through or by?
The sand dunes to the right and left of the Sh. Mohamed Bin Zayed Road or E311 are stunning and it is awesome to see families, groups of people and all sorts with their fires and barbeques lighting up the night particularly in winter weather. Playing the table and dancing fabulous. But ooh the destruction left behind and the morning after municipality workers are dropped off with the pickup stick and black bags t0 pick up what should have been taken away with by those enjoying the great outdoors. Its not that there are no bins out there; there are many some with lids some without.
There is a beautiful beach where I walk and think of myself as one of its guardian’s eccentric yes. However I pick up rubbish and dispose of it in the bins placed at useful intervals whenever I visit. A young girl asked me if she could join me and we picked up masses. A local lady called to me and told her children to pay attention to what I was doing and that they too should pick up their own rubbish.
Today I was amazed when on two separate occasions I saw men get out of their cars and walk across to bins and put their rubbish in the bin. I wanted to thank them but maintained discretion!
There used to be a campaign in Dubai some years ago where they looked for examples of safe driving and recognised the drivers and rewarded them. Could we not do something similar with litter and whizz in like a Superman or Wonder Woman equivalent and pat people on the back for doing the right thing!
If everyone picked up their own rubbish and set an example what a cleaner and safe environment we would live in
And I am not going to get started on spitting and wiping your nose on your fingers then flicking it onto the path, pavement or someone’s car!
The environment is precious Rubbish – Trash- Garbage is unattractive, unsafe and has no right to be there. Pick it up you know you should.

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