prism mini case studies anecdotal evidence

The following are anecdotal evidence of benefits and results of PRISM interactions

A young man aged 16 making life choices but not sure which direction to go
Mother supported son in choosing father was directional
We did the career match profile in Arabic and then discussed in English
After the session he had identified 3 courses of action related to his preferred behaviour’s and even investigated sponsorship. All parties thrilled with the outcome

Young lady keen to go into Psychology but family not overly keen ”how are you going to work int hat field”
Carreer match and feedback discussion Guess what she is enrolled in foundation psychology with full support from her father and is looking at majoring in Forensic psychology

Woman able to make her own choice of study and entered a company of her choice fully supported by family FANTASTIC
However the role was not dynamic and initiating but lab bound and repetitive
Resulting in frustration, stress, health issues
We looked at her aspirations, EI and Mental Toughness and established 3 key area’s and set up a coaching plan
The ”coachee” is thrilled with her change in approach and meeting her own preferred behaviour’s and now thinking about her entrepreneurial opportunities

40+year old white western woman who found herself redundant having been a COO of a media group
We decided after discussion to look at her Mental Toughness
And after completing the inventory focused on 3 of the 9 area’s
Self belief, Resilience and Self Management
These were all area’s that had scope for development and almost a natural strength
The plan is to take them up to a natural strength and rebuild her confidence and also encourage her in her outlook on what it is that constitutes success

TEAM DYNAMICS and Behaviours related to Performance
A young professional supply chain manager hugely successful and meeting all his deliverable with in time lines STAR PERFORMER
Manager changed and everything went upside down
He was recommended to meet me and we began to address his bahaviours and how he was actually provoking the negativity from his new manager
We moved away from the he said I said and ‘play ground’ bullying and looked at how to adjust behaviours to respond to the managers apporach
There by surprising the manager as he was now no longer able to bully
And the coachee started to succeed again and indirectly affected the culture to the benefit of everyone around the team and stakeholders

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