Cultural Intelligence!
There is a HBR on this topic and various other writings but nothing really recent.
When you look at the level of ignorance of westerners about women and Iran it is rather striking that cultural intelligence doesn’t seem to kick in, or is it only me that notices this?
QATAR and human rights is another thing but should respect be shown for a countries laws?
China is in the news for police stations inside other countries and providing ”administrative services” which could equally be offered by embassies.
I don’t know about others, but I was always taught to be respectful of a local culture when I was visiting or at least know more about it so as not to breach law or tradition. The old adage of ”when in Rome do as the Romans do” comes to mind.
This also relates to ‘Western” practices related to local regulations and labour law! Thaink GE, AECOM, BAKER HUGHES etc
A huge subject and a lot to unpack here
There is always talk of emotional intelligence and quotient and sometimes social bit how much effort and awareness related to culture and I do not just mean countries but also companies.
A lot to unpack

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Mona Alagha Marwa Qabille Ahmed Eltinay Mayada Al Azem Nadia Soussi Nadine Khan Yousef Bin Mohamed CPP (CIPD), SPHR, ATD Member Sana Bagersh Ahmed Moneim Talha Shaikh Arsalan Al Hashimi

Cultural Intelligence: Working Confidently in Different Cultures