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sexual violence

I wasn’t raped but it was close only because i pulled my fathers rank [ it was a miltary base] did the man I knew stop I never told my father until some 30 years later He was distraught because the man would have been...

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30+ plastic items

This Whale Had A Message From The DeepA Whale full of plastic.This is devasting!Our oceans and the wildlife in it are dying.Retweet 💔— StanceGrounded (@_SJPeace_) May 22,...

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weeds to water

NatureClimate changeAgriculture How weeds help fight climate change Most people see weeds as a problem. But one farmer has found they can help make dry, damaged land lush again – not to mention absorb carbon from the atmosphere....

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"العمل التطوعي يدفعك لأن تعيش حياة يعيشها الآخرون، وأن تعيش تجارب جديدة لم يجربها غيرك"#ارسم_السعادة #عام_التسامح @tolerance2019— Emirates Foundation (@EFYouth) May 12,...

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