Outplacement and what does it mean to each of us

The person being out placed, the employer out placing and the people behind the actual outplacement service?

When companies are restructuring and redlining them selves fir what ever reason there is much to consider about how to take that journey and what the ramifications are.

Brand and reputation being just two components as well as the individual who will be ”out placed” and the impact on the people who have to inform the employee about their outplacement.

Often last in first out is the philosophy and those with history and company ‘archives’ are survivors. I would suggest that keeping the historical people in place is not necessarily the best strategy. They may be part of the furniture that needs development ‘refurbishing’ or changing as they are part of the establishment and therefore influencing the company journey. Not deliberately with intent but just by custom and practice and passive resistance!

HR personnel have to navigate the delivery of this strategy and in some cases outplace themselves once the plan is executed.

I was asked about out placement recently and as a result may have connected with a long ago contact in this very business.

And then coincidentally this very interesting e-magazine appears.



I look forward to your comments or experiences int his are of employee relations