RESPECT –What happened to this undervalued word

Respect used to be something we grew up with and knew how to use when and where also

Respect for all sorts of things human, animal, inanimate, tangible and intangible. Self, each other, parents, extended family, home, school, on and on until country and law of the land!

Why then do we seem to have forgotten that respect is often key to communication, opening doors and being accepted at work, in our community and where we live?

According to the URBAN Dictionary RESPECT is  ‘’means valuing each other’s points of views. It means being open to being wrong. It means accepting people as they are. It means not dumping on someone because you’re having a bad day. It means being polite and kind always, because being kind to people is not negotiable. It means not dissing people because they’re different to you. It means not gossiping about people or spreading lies.’’

HH Sheik  Mohammed says