CABBAGE I used a savoy cabbage as i love the curly leaves!

Onion, garlic, fresh tom all chopped and fried off in Palestinian or Syrain olive oil with ur minced beef or lamb all done by eye, add rice and some tom paste. Salt, pepper, paprika and ground cumin. Boil cabbage whole with core removed. Leaves will fall off, take them out, and place in a bowl full of iced water. To retain colour and cool down. Then remove and place on a clean teatowel. Keep the water for when you return the stuffed cabbage

Line a bowl with cling wrap, take large outer leaves and arrange around the bowl. Add half of the mince mixture, place leaves, then add remaining mixture and close the leaves. More cling film pull tight and put in the freezer for about an hour.

Cut string and when cold enough take the stuffed cabbage, remove the cling wrap and tie the cabbage securely at least 6 ties, and put into your original water and boil for at least 30 minutes Remove it cut the strings and put on your servingn dish. Any excess water return to your pan as you can use this as for making stock.

ALLOW to cool and eat… u can add sour cream or soya or chile whatever you fancy and enjoy

This is a mix of at least 6 recipes across the world starting with Lebanon, some Polish, Belarus and Italia and passion for experi