Two great pieces from BBC

RAK YOUTH HUB has some fab spaces akin to these. AS well as other amazing facilities and an auditorium

The differentiation is critical from my perspective and being able to separate home and office whether an entrepreneur or employer/employee!

And not enough is being done related to developing resilience and enabling employees with ‘re-entry’ when they are required to return to the regular office space.

Those who were seen as stars pre-pandemic and did not shine and those seen as  reliable but did shine during pandemic. The bullies that could not bully in  the same way they had physically as they were now virtual AND the people who came into their own

Many people have grown during these challenging times and growth is good for all of us especially reforming teams:-)


Some bosses are scared as they are directive and controlling, others are learning and many are adapting to capitalise on  their team members preferred behaviours thee by freeing them up to do what they most like doing!

What kind of boss are you?

Dare you do a really innovative 360 with the PRISM BRAIN MAPPING tool [neurosciences and behavioural] ..?

Check it out